We are a one stop shop

Emergency Supplies

Camping Equipment, Accommodation Equipment, Fuel Bladders, Water Bladders, Camping Kits, Medical Kits, Tents, Blankets, Tarpaulins; Kitchen Sets; Plastic Sheeting; Janitorial, Cleaning items, Jerry Cans, Drums, etc

Construction Materials

Paint & Consumable, Steel & Consumable, Hardware Consumable, Roofing & Flooring Consumable, Timber, Plywood, Wooden-Metal Door & Window, Rolling Shutter, Profiles, Wire Fencing, Scaffolding, Culvert, Gutter, Water Tank, Sanatory Fixture, etc.,

Power Equipment

Generator, Transformer, Stabilizer / UPS, Inverter, Out Door Engines, Portable Generator, Light Tower, Spare Parts for all above Equipment

IT & Telecommunication Equipment

Servers, Data Storage System, Personal Computers (Desktop, Laptop, All in One), Software, Printers & Photo Copy Machines (Office & Heavy Duty), DesignJet Printers, Toner & Cartridges for Printers, Scanners (Office & Heavy Duty), Telecommunication Systems, Networking Equipment, Smart Phone & Tablet, Satellite Radios, Satellite Communication System, GPS System, Video Surveillance Equipment, Biometric Equipment, Monitors & Displays, Secure Identity Issuance Equipment & Consumable, Bar Code Scanner, Passport Scanner, IT Accessories, Networking Cabinets & Racks, Spare Parts & Peripherals for all above Equipment, etc.

Audio Visual Equipments

Public Address Systems, Audio Equipment, Video Conferencing Systems, Audio & Video Broadcasting System, Projectors, Camera & Accessories, Audio – Video Accessories, Television, Video Wall Display, Voice Recorders, LED Display Panels, Projector Screens, etc.,


Cenosphere, common inorganic salts, transition metal compounds, common organic chemicals and solvents, water-soluble and oil-soluble polymers and surfactants and all types of General Chemicals for Oil and Drilling.

Warehouse & Logistic Products

Weighing Scale, Stretch Wrapping Films, Stretch Wrapping Machines (Manual & Automatic), Stretch Wrapping Tools, Pallets (Plastic & Wooden), Courage Box, Bubble Wrap, Masking Tap, Edge Protector, PE Form, Wooden Box, Wooden Crates, Bag, Collapsible Containers, Storage Bins & Crates, Packing Consumables, Prefab Warehouse, Inflatable Water Storage Tanks, Sectional Tank, Ladders, Trollies, Pallet Truck, Ramp, Warehouse Rack, Warehouse Shelf, Cabinet, Hazardous Cabinet for DG Goods, Cart, etc.,

Personal Protective Products

Head Protection, Eye and Face protection, Hearing Protection, Respiratory Protection, Hand Protection, Fall Protection, Safety Clothing, Foot protection, Fire Fighting, Electrical Safety Solutions, Welding Solutions, Eye wash & Shower, etc.,

Engineering Tools

Manual Tools (Workshop Tools, Agricultural Tools, Garden Tools, Cutting Tools), Power Tools (Drills, Grinders, Compressed Air Tools, Cut-off Saws / Cutting Tools, Chain Saws, Bush Cutters), Workshop Tools, etc.


Special Purpose (Special Carriers, Mobile Video Units, Lubricating) Workshop Units, Fire Fighting, Boat Vessel (Fishing, Tug / Workboats, Patrol / Pilot, Ferry / Landing Crafts), Vehicles (Motor Bikes, Bicycles), etc.


Uniforms for Hospitality, Healthcare, Corporates, Industrial, Personal Protection, Law Enforcement, Kids-Men-Women wear, etc.

Automobile Equipment Spare Parts

Tires and Tubes, Construction Equipment, Construction Machinery, Construction Equipment & Machinery Spare Parts, Mixing Plant, Mixing Equipment, Block Making Machines, Vibration Equipment, etc.

Domestic Products

Cooking Range, Dish Washer, Refrigerators, Freezer, Oven, Catering Equipment, Air Purifier, Air Conditioner, Utensils, Cutlery, Butchery Equipment, Kitchen Supplies, Gym Equipment, Indoor & Out Door Sports Equipment, Recreation Equipment, Bedding Items (Blankets, Bed Sheets, Matters, Pillows, Towels, Curtains, Blinds, etc.), Water Purifying Systems, etc.,


Pool Furniture, Out Door Furniture, Home Furniture, Office furniture, Accommodation Furniture, Hospital Furniture, Laboratory Furniture, Library Furniture, etc.,

Office Equipment

Paper Shredder, Fax Machine, Type Writer, Smart Board, Binding Machine & Consumables, Safe Cabinets, Printing Papers (Various Size), Cash Counting Machine, Cash Register, Electronic Key Watcher, etc.,

Pumps & Filters

Diesel Pumps, Electrical Pumps, Power Pumps, Manual Pumps, Submersible Pump, Fuel Pump, etc.

Constructions Equipment & Spare Parts

Tractor Loader Backhoes, Frontend Loader, Crawler Excavator, Dumping Truck, Scoop tram, Fork Lift, Bulldozer, Crain – Tower & Truck, Concrete mixer Truck, Motor Grader, Road Roller, Wheel Loader, Brick Making Machine, Tires, Batteries, Lubricants for all above Vehicle and Equipments, etc.


Hand Tools (Workshop Tools, Agriculture Tools, Gardening Tools, Cutting Tools, etc.), Power Tools (Drills, Grinders, Air Tools, Cutting Tools, Chain Saws, Bush Cutter, etc.), Telecom Networking Tools, IT Networking Tools, Compressors, Welding Machines, Construction Tools, Carpentry Tools, Automobile Tools, etc.


Paper Towels & Dispenser, Toilet Paper & Dispenser, Hand soap & sanitizer, Cleaning Mops, Squeegees and Carts, Broom, Brush and Dust pans, Vacuum cleaner, Trash Liner, Trash Can, Wipers, Rag & Towel, Tissue, Buckets & Floor Sign, Janitor cart, Laundry Supplies, Disposable Gloves, Car Care Product, Floor Care Product, Kitchen Cleaning Product, Industrial Cleaning Product, Wash Room Care Product, Disposable Products, etc.,

Safety Equipment

High Visibility Garments, Runway Light, Crowd Control Equipment, Reflective Triangle, Metal Detector, X-Ray Baggage Scanner, Fire Fighting & Prevention Equipment, Detectors & Instruments, Safety Signs, Traffic Cones & Posts, Barrier & Fencing, Warning Lights & Beacons, Warning Tapes, Speed Ramps & Parking Accessories, Warning Siren & Megaphone, Sign Boards, Spill Management, Lifting & Lashing Solutions, Smoke & Heat Detector, Wind socks, etc.,

Relief Supplies

Ropes, Kitchen Set, Jerry Can, Tarpaulin, Plastic Sheeting, Sleeping Mat, Sleeping Bag, Kerosene Stove, Blanket, Latrine Slab, Bucket, Dignity Kit, First Aid Kit, Hygienic Kit, Foldable Cot, Flash Light, Camping Equipment, Fuel Bladder, Water Bladder, Camping Kit, Disposable Utensils, Mosquito Net, Thermo Kit, Tents, Tents Repairing Kit, etc.,

Solar Equipment

Refrigerator, Air conditioner, Street Light, Water Heater, Panel, Pump, Inverter, Fan, Torch, Lantern, Lamp, Radio, etc.,

Electrical Materials

Lighting & Fixtures (Florescent, LED, CFL, etc.), Flood Light & Fixture, Cable & Cable Management (Various Electrical Cables, Trucking, Cable Clip, Cable Gland, Cable Lug & Ferrule, Cable ties, etc.), Switches & Sockets (Plug Tops & Accessories, Weatherproof, White Switch, etc.), Switchgear (Low Voltage Circuit Breakers for Industrial, Marine & Commercial Building Projects and Circuit Breaker, MCCB, MCB, Contactor & Distribution Board, etc.), Enclosure System (Industrial Enclosures – Wall Mounted, Floor Standing, Modular Enclosures, Climate Control & Cooling Units and IP 65/67/68 Enycase – Cable Junction Boxes, Enystar Distribution Boards & Enyboard Small Distribution Board, etc.), Grounding, Lightening & Earthing Consumable, Electrical Consumable, Electrical Panel, etc.,

Plumbing Materials

PVC High Pressure Pipe, Fittings & Valve, uPVC Swr Drainage Fittings, CPVC – Pipe, Fittings & Valve, PPR – Pipes & Fittings, HDPE – Pipes & Fittings, GI & MI – Pipes & Fittings, PVC & CPVC Cement, Transformer, Booster, Irrigation Pump Set, Control Panel, Water Treatment Equipment, Swimming Pool Equipment, Irrigation Product, Sanitary Material, Water Strainer, Gate Valves & Gasket, Mixer, Showering Accessory, Infrared Tap & Mixer, Mixer Valve, Urinal, Cisterns & Mechanism, Sensor Flush plate, Shower Tray Waste & Bath Trap, etc.,

Medical Equipment

Wheel Chair , X-Ray Equipment, Medical Chiller, Vaccine Refrigerators, Aid Kits, Surgical Dressings, Incubator, Therapy Equipment, Dental Equipment, Disposable Consumables, Thermometers, Blood Pressure / Gas Meters, Ear Testing Meter, Electro Cardiographer, Sonography Machine, Laboratory Equipment, Veterinary Supplies, Stretcher, etc.,


Armored vehicles, Ambulances, Man-lift Vehicles, Special Vehicles, Trailers and containers, Customized Trucks, Electric Reach Truck, Forklifts, Land-cruiser, Toyota Camry, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Electric Scooters, Quad Bikes, Cars, Pick-ups, Minibuses, Buses, Trucks, Tractors, Utility Cars, Road Sweepers


School Stationery, Office Stationery, etc.,

Food Supplies

Canned food, Sunflower Oil, Eligible oils, Wheat flour, Spices, Seeds etc.