Who we are?

Geebee Garments-General Trading Division are procurement experts and remote service providers. We have an experienced team of professionals that can source what you need and get it to where you need it.

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What we do?

Geebee Garments-General Trading Division is a one stop shop for international logistics, procurement, and services support. We are experts at getting what you need, where you need it and when you need it. Based on our extensive experience in the Middle East, Asia and Africa over the past twenty years we have significant experience in supporting crisis operations, oil and gas offshore sustainment, remote site services and military base support. We can also source for large scale industrial projects on short timelines.

Military base operations support

Geebee Garments-General Trading Division is a trusted supplier of military base and facilities management across several regions. We provide logistics services supporting U.S. DOD programs across the Middle East and throughout Africa.

Humanitarian & crisis management services

We are ready to think out of the box to ensure our clients get their boxes! Geebee Garments-General Trading Division is used to working with clients with tight budgets and demanding requirements.

Oil & gas supply service

Through its partners Geebee Garments-General Trading Division has a long history of supporting the region’s oil and gas production through our procurement services. Our experts understand the industry and it demands.

International logistics and procurement

Geebee Garments-General Trading Division maintains capacity agreements with an array of carriers that covers all major shipping lanes.

Remote area support service

We provide comprehensive supply and service solutions tailored specifically for military operations in remote and challenging environments.